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CastCooler – Keep your Cast Clean & Fresh

CastCooler – Keep your Cast Clean & Fresh

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Most of us know what it’s like to suffer during an injury recovery with a cast; between being uncomfortable due to heat, sweat and itching wearing a cast becomes almost unbearable.

Thanks to CastCooler we no longer have to worry about the lack of comfort associated with wearing a cast. 

The CastCooler benefits you.

With the CastCooler you can have a cast or splint that is:

> Fresh and Clean! (no more stinky smell)

> Completely Free of itch

> Cool your cast

> Reduce Odor & Itch

> Freshen Your Cast

> Reduce Skin Maceration

> Dry and Comfortable

By keeping your cast/splint lining free from moisture, especially moisture from perspiration, the conditions for bacteria growth are signifanclty reduced. Your cast stays clean and fresh. Itch and odor are not issues because you are removing the root cause of each…moisture. Again, a very good thing!

Imagine what it will be like to have relief from Itching and Not Have to Worry About Subjecting Others to your Smelly Cast.

If you should accidently get your cast wet, whether from bathing, an encounter with the lawn sprinkler or a dip in the pool, use the CastCooler to completely and rapidly dry the cast lining. If your cast becomes saturated, be sure to use a wet/dry compatible vac as liquid moisture will be drawn through the cast into your vac.

When medical professionals (Orthopedic Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses) try the CastCooler, their reaction is the same “I should have thought of that!” followed by “We want the CastCooler for our patients!”

The CastCooler connects to any vacuum and allows for fresh air to be brought through your cast; all odors and moisture are whisked away and replaced with fresh air.

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