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ACR – The Ultimate in Safe Ambulance Transportation for Children

ACR – The Ultimate in Safe Ambulance Transportation for Children

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The threat of injuries doesn’t necessarily stop once a pediatric patient is in the ambulance. Experts have come to realize that because a significant number of ambulance crashes occur each year and about a thousand of those involve pediatric patients nationwide.

Insurance companies report that up to 1,000 ambulance crashed involve pediatric patients each year; this is a problem as there aren’t any real standards for restraining patients in the back of a moving ambulance. So how can we prevent this? The ACR!

What is the ACR?

The ACR is an innovative, flexible and fully adjustable harnessing system, it is the only pediatric restraint in the world that allows the safe and secure transport of newborns and children weighing 4lbs – 99lbs with a single device. The device has been tested under acceleration and deceleration, and is a universal device capable of being fitted to any brand ambulance cot and is machine washable for effective infection control.

The ACR – Features & Benefits

  • The ability to perform procedures while the child is restrained. ACR has an open channel design from the airway to the waist.
  • The restraint tightens into the mattress of the cot, not the patient.
  • Fits on any cot without a bracket adapter.
  • Can be used in sitting or supine position.
  • Fully crash tested.
  • Machine washable.
  • One restraint system to service all patients.
  • Quick release chest strap for medical intervention
  • Breathable fabric maximises airflow and meets infection control standards
  • Allows rapid transition from sitting to flat in an emergency or to recovery position
  • Padded for patient comfort and reduced risk of pressure sores during long transfers
  • Can be used with stretcher back rest in raised position
  • Compact storage bag

Kris Bordnick, vice president of EMS sales–North America for Quantum EMS Solutions, says,

“The ACR allows providers to safely perform medical procedures while the child is restrained—there is no reason to un-restrain pediatric patients and put them in danger during transport. Also, the single device allows for the elimination of having to store and use multiple products to accomplish the task of restraining children.”

When the patient is restrained the ACR allows for complete access from the airway to the waist to effectively perform procedures while the patient remains restrained.

Also included with the ACR are quick release clips dock to hold the patient in place during transportation to prevent potentially dangerous movement.

Bordnick adds, “According to www.saferidenews.com, approximately 620,000 children per year ride in ambulances while improperly restrained. While multiple factors contribute to this number, when properly utilized the ACR-4 will assist in reducing that number due to its flexibility, allowing for a broader range of pediatric patients to be restrained correctly.”

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