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Pedia Pals: Child-Friendly Exam Tables & Medical Equipment

Pedia Pals: Child-Friendly Exam Tables & Medical Equipment

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Pedia Pals – Taking the Scare Out of Healthcare

Pedia Pals bridges the gap between children and medical professionals. Their pediatric medical supplies provides an entertaining and calming focus for children while improving diagnosis and treatment for these often frightened patients.




Exam Tables:

The idea behind Pedia Pals’ child friendly pediatric exam table began with Ann Kochsiek, founder of ZooPals. Her son, Ry, had been diagnosed with leukemia at age 4. Ann discovered that taking him to the hospital for treatment involved examinations on a table that Ry and other children agreed was “cold, scary, and very unfriendly.” Ann designed and patented a number of animal-shaped exam tables that have become favorites in pediatric offices all over the world. Today, Ann is Pedia Pals’ V. P. of Marketing. Ry is a healthy college graduate.


Here’s some helpful ideas from pediatricians hot to best make use of Pedia Pals products to keep patients relaxed and cooperative:


Elly The Elephant Otoscope Attachment:


We use Pedia Pals Elly the Elephant Otoscope Attachment to introduce patients to a new friend – not a cold, scary medical instrument. We tell patients: “My friend Elly just loves to whisper secrets. Can Elly whisper a secret in your ear? Great! Now you have to sit really still and be very quiet so you can hear what she’s saying.” We often then whisper a compliment, like “you’re a very good girl.” It really works.


Jamaal Giraffe Reflex Hammer:

j_giraffe_bpWhen using Pedia Pals’ Jamaal Giraffe Reflex Hammer, let the patient become comfortable with the character. We tell patients that “Jamaal likes to be held and give kisses,” and then ask if they would like to hold Jamaal. Then explain that “Jamaal wants to give them a kiss on the knee,” and ask if they can show you where their knee is. When a patient points out his/her knee, we reassure with comments like: “That’s right. Jamaal thinks you’re really smart!” Now, when Jamaal gives our patient a ‘kiss on the knee,’ it tickles. The result is that we can test reflexes more quickly while comforting our patients.


Benjamin Bear Blood Pressure Kit:

benjamin_bpBenjamin Bear Blood Pressure Kit relaxes our patients by transforming a blood pressure cuff and bulb into a new friend. We explain: “This is Benjamin, and he likes to give cuddly bear hugs. I’m going to put this around your arm and hand you this little bear (the bulb). Now, if you give the little bear a hug, you’ll feel Benjamin hug you right back.” Because patients are engaged in the procedure, they don’t pay as much attention to the pressure.


Visit us at 4MDMedical.com to see more great pediatric products from Pedia Pals.

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