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Seca 360 Wireless Product System

Seca 360 Wireless Product System

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SPECIAL OFFER – In addition to the lowest prices on the new seca 360° wireless products, 4MD also offers the following with purchase of a seca 360° device:

  • Wireless EMR/EHR integration
  • Free product build-up
  • Extended 2-year warranty
  • On-site live product demonstration
  • FREE receiving workstation antenna and 105 Analytics software – This alone is over a $700 value!


Nearly two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, yet only one-third of doctors are discussing weight with their patients. While no one seems to be offended by discussing routine vitals showing high blood pressure or high cholesterol, doctors face the daunting challenge and discomfort of addressing weight-related issues with overweight and obese patients. With many doctors pressed for time and patients becoming defensive and/or hurt when told they are overweight or obese, the awkward discussion is often avoided altogether. As the global leader in medical measuring and weighing, seca understands that discussing weight can be a touchy issue. The lack of dialogue, however, is hurting patients.  But it doesn’t have to be, let seca be the ice breaker.

0_704_wireless_600x600_RGBThe seca 360° product system is an entirely new approach to advising patients about weight related issues.  Within a few easy steps, measurements are interpreted and printed immediately for a patient to review while they wait to be seen by the doctor.  This immediate print out enhances patient education on maintaining healthy weight and initiates the weight discussion if desired by the patient. This type of diagnostic print out adds a completely new dimension to medical advice and allows doctor offices the ability to communicate this information to their patients in a non-confrontational environment.  Imagine a revolutionary system that provides patients with feedback at every appointment and empowers them to initiate the discussion when they feel comfortable. Available with every seca 360° device at no extra cost, seca scales are equipped with premium EMR connectivity solutions as well as unique safety features with both practitioner and patient in mind.

The seca 360 wireless product line:

seca 360° wireless is the first of its kind in the world. The products transmit their data via a special medical wireless protocol in a simple, secure and swift seca network. In this system the measuring instruments and scales can communicate with your PC, a seca 360° wireless printer or your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. The system is EMR-integrated and prepared for integration in electronic medical records.

The following products are wireless-compatible:



Seca 684 – Wireless multifunctional scales with stable handrail and high load bearing capacity, with castors for transport ease.



seca676Seca 676– Wireless wheelchair scales with handrail and transport castors



seca954Seca 954– Wireless chair scales to weigh seated patients



seca374Seca 374– Wireless baby scale with extra large weighing tray



seca703Seca 703– Wireless column scale with capacity up to 250 kilograms



seca264Seca 264– Two wireless stadiometers – for use anywhere or permanent wall installation



seca274Seca 274– Two wireless stadiometers – for use anywhere or permanent wall installation



seca284Seca 284– Wireless measuring station for height and weight



seca465Seca 465– seca 360° wireless printer for analysis and printing of transmitted measurements on thermal paper



seca466Seca 466– seca 360° wireless printer advanced for the reception, analysis and printing of measurements on thermal paper or labels




Please contact us at 1877-463-5818 or by email at sales@4mdmedical.com for more information about Seca products.







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