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    Ergolet Stella 160 Sit-to-Stand Aid Video

    November 7th, 2011

    The Stella is our sit-to-stand lift with a big 160 kg or 352 lbs. lifting capacity. Stella has been developed to lift and move users who to some extent can assist during the transfer. The Stella emulates the natural movement of the human body by lifting forward and upward. It is small, compact and user-friendly, and is the optimal choice for transfers from one sitting position to another whether a bed, chair or toilet available at 4MD Medical

    If You Miss Work, You Miss A Lot. Protect Yourself And Your Patients This Winter Season

    November 3rd, 2011

    CDC states proper hand hygiene and environmental cleaning will prevent cross contamination of pathogens. Purchase your stock with the trusted brands: CaviCide, CaviWipes and VioNexus No Rinse Spray. Fast, effective and convenient, the collection will keep you top line healty.

    • Buy 1 case of VioNexus No Rinse Spray and get 2 Liters of VioNexus No Rinse Spray Free.
    • Buy 1 case of CaviCide gallon and get two CaviCide 24 Oz. Sprays Free.
    • Buy 1 case of CaviWipes and get 1 canister Free.
    • Buy 1 case of CaviwaipesXL singles and get box of CaviWipesXL singles Free.

    For complimentary samples please contact us at sales@4mdmedical.com Read the rest of this entry »

    Innvovative 5 in 1 Emergency Multi Bandage by URIEL

    December 5th, 2010


    Multi Bandage (MB) –Has world wide patent. This bandage is life wide patent. This bandage is life saving, special for emergency saving, special for emergency cases, first aid, can be used by cases, first aid, can be used by army ,police and ambulances.

    The innovative multi bandage has many benefits that you will not find in any other product; Quick, easy and effective application, also self- application – even with one hand.All-in-one bandage lowers the amount of equipment. All-in-one bandage lowers the amount of equipment military/police personnel and medical personnel needs. Easily applied also by untrained personnel – ideal personal First Aid Field Dressing for everysoldier/police officer/outdoor man & woman.Unique Life Cycle (LCC) administrative, logistical and training savings compared to existing multiple- bandage treatment solutions – no need to order, stock, supply and train on numerous pieces of equipment.Rapid control of bleeding, stabilizes wounded and saves lives Read the rest of this entry »

    Buzzy- Taking the Sting out of Shots!

    November 25th, 2010

    What is Buzzy®?

    Buzzy® uses natural pain relief by confusing your body’s own nerves and distracting attention away from the poke, thereby dulling or eliminating sharp pain. In the same way that rubbing a bumped elbow helps stop the hurt, or cool running water soothes a burn, Buzzy bypasses sharp pain.

    In an emergency department, nurses and doctors can get too busy to wait for numbing creams for needle procedures. For newly diagnosed diabetic children, the medical community has a history of expecting kids to just get used to needle pain. For shots, for bee stings, for boo-boos, for injection pain with medicines,… for all acute pain management, we developed Buzzy to put instant pain management in YOUR hands. Read the rest of this entry »

    Got Bed Bugs? We have a solution

    October 18th, 2010

    The infestation of bed bugs has become a national issue. Ezperts believe these blood sucking pests have E.S.P. because they appear anywhere you eat, sleep or play.

    • Hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes
    • Offices, movie theaters, restaurants, schools
    • Mattresses, furniture, clothing, blankets, pillows Read the rest of this entry »

    The Pink Glove Dance: The Sequel!

    September 29th, 2010

    The National Breast Cancer Foundation mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need. The founder and president of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Janelle Hail, speaks to corporations, associations, organizations, women’s groups, and homeless shelters across the nation to educate women about breast cancer.

    Have you seen the Pink Glove Dance Sequel video? Over 6 million people across the globe have. The YouTube video phenomenon has been featured on CNN, ABC World News with Charles Gibson, Fox & Friends – Fox News Network’s national morning show, and literally more than 100 local TV newscasts across the country. News stories on the video also span the internet, from the Huffington Post to the AOL home page.

    Shop for items that help support breast cancer research – we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation at 4MDMedical.com

    Only One Solution for Mobile Centrifugation: LW Scientific “The Portafuge”

    September 13th, 2010

    The portable 8-place Portafuge is an economical fixed speed centrifuge designed for spinning on the go. This unit accommodates most test tubes from 3ml – 15ml. This unit is virtually maintenance-free and the lid port allows easy viewing and tach-ing of specimens while in use. Simply insert the cigarette plug into your car’s power outlet for quick blood separation at 3000+ rpm.


    Sorbact Wound Healing Therapy

    September 7th, 2010

    The Sorbact method is based on a natural process – hydrophobic interaction. This means that two hydrophobic water repellent surfaces bind together in the presence of water (exudates). The majority of pathogenic microorganisms are hydrophobic, and therefore bind to Sorbact’s hydrophobic surface. Sorbact is a well documented method that binds and inactivates pathogenic microorganisms without any known side effect
    Sorbact – an effective method
    Already within 15–30 seconds*, Sorbact adsorbs and inactivates a wide variety of pathogens, e.g. Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Bacteria and fungi continue to bind to Sorbact until the dressing is removed from the treated area.

    This electron microscope image shows several pathogens common in wounds, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans, all bound to the unique Sorbact weave. Read the rest of this entry »

    HeartSine Introduces the Samaritan Pad-Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

    August 18th, 2010


    • Smallest & Lightest AED available (2.4 lbs)
    • Highest durability ratings of any AED available (IP56 Dust & Water Rating, Military Standard Drop Test)
    • Patented PadPak design provides for a single cartridge that contains both battery and defibrillation pads with a 3 ½ year standby life. This technology provides a single expiration date for all consumables (batteries, pads, etc), every competitive product will require at least two (sometimes three) separate consumable expiration dates for the customer to track.
    • HeartSine’s Samaritan PAD provides clear and calm audible prompting along with visual prompting via 3 illuminated icon displays. Many AEDs on the market provide only audible prompting that may be difficult to hear in loud or crowded environments.
    • At 7 years, the Samaritan PAD provides the longest device warranty available. Competitive products typically provide a 5 year warranty.
    • Fully upgradeable in the field via software updates, this ensures device will be compliant with any future AHA updates. Read the rest of this entry »

    Luggie Mobility Scooter – Smart Fold, Easy Go

    August 3rd, 2010

    Join the Luggie Revolution- What the Luggie can do for YOU!

    The intelligent Luggie is a revolutionary unit of the world’s lightest and direct folding personal scooter.

    Why not experience the comfort and convenience of riding Luggie in your daily journey. Specially equipped with an easy operation tiller for moving forward and backward by just gently pressing wigwag. Luggie was designed to effectively enhance the mobility and flexibility. Even in the narrow of corner or inside of elevator, you can ride Luggie without obstruction.

    Read the rest of this entry »