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    4MD Medical Launches Auto Reorder

    January 17th, 2013

    Save Time and Money on The Items You Use Most.

    4MD Medical launched its website’s new feature called Auto Reorder where customers never run out of supplies, enjoy the convenience of not having to reorder & set a delivery schedule that works for you. Auto Reorder helps consumers, hospitals, clinics, doctors, laboratories, surgical centers and healthcare facilities have their most needed supplies by the time that they need it. With the new feature  customers can make sure that they can have the supplies that they need before they ran out.

    4MD Medical Auto Reorder works by setting a delivery schedule interval every 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 or 180 days that will work for you, enjoy the convenience of not having to reorder, cancel or modify your orders anytime and no long-term commitments.

    4MD medical has a wide variety of medical products from wound care supplies, Exam Room Suppliesdiabetic supplies, urological supplies, catheters, items on personal care, cleansing and skin care product, dietary supplements and different supplies for child nutrition.

    3 Simple Steps:

    1. Choose from thousands of item you use very day.

    2. Set a delivery schedule that’s right for you.

    3. Checkout as you normally do and your first order will be placed today and you next order will be automatically sent at the frequency you choose.


    International Shipping Now Available At 4MD Medical

    November 8th, 2012


    4MD Medical is excited to announce that 4mdmedical.com products are now available to ship internationally.

    Step-By-Step Order Guide:

      • Shop for your items on our website and add them to your cart.
      • At shopping cart click on button “International Customers Click Here”


    Shop now at 4MDMedical.com!

    Physical Therapy Tables Install & Setup By 4MD Medical

    September 9th, 2012

    Recent installation of physical therapy tables at NJ University.





    4MDMedical.com Website Relaunch: Our Website Overhaul

    November 3rd, 2011

    The 4mdmedical website has a great new design to make your shopping experience better. First, we added new and improved site navigation structure and new category structure to make it easier for you to find the items you are looking for without having to load multiple pages or have to browse in various category pages.

    We sincerely tried to include everything PLUS the kitchen sink to make searching simple and faster. We even included a new browsing feature that allows you to search by medical condition or body part.

    Then, we added power search that corrects spelling mistakes and errors and also enables results to be filtered to a specific criteria. We also included predictive search that displays possible searches as you type, allowing you to find items quicker.

    We also applied attribute filtering and item sorting to our website which allows you to narrow your results for items that match your criteria. You will find improved product information displaying product savings and pricing information as well as specifications and features.

    Other powerful upgrades to 4mdmedical.com are an instant Ajax cart which allows you to keep your focus on shopping without having to load and reload pages. You also get faster browsing with Ajax-based paging so you can browse multiple pages of categories and search results without having to wait for page refreshes.

    You will enjoy Smarter Shipping AI where you get shipping quotes by providing your zip code using the onscreen Ajax cart.

    Now we have a new secure streamlined checkout system that will help you move fast and securely through the checkout system. This is a real time saver/people pleaser. Who has time to wait these days?

    And last but not least, we decided to provide product videos to take the guessing out of what you are buying. We think you will really like the fact that you can see before believing that our products really are all that we say they are.