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    Smart Diet Scale – The World’s Smartest Kitchen Food Scale

    March 13th, 2016

    Our patented Smart Diet Scale is a wireless Bluetooth food scale with exclusive 4 sensor technology that can calculate the nutritional value of an entire meal all at once. Smart Diet Scale matches the way people really eat and build their meals. The Smart Diet Scale includes: Smart Diet Scale, four portion control plates, Smart Diet Scale app (available on iOS and Android) with over 550,000 food and restaurant choices.

    Smart Diet Scale is Superior Over its Competitors

    Quality, Precision, Peace of mind 

    Design and features

    • Patented Technology
    • The ability to weigh your entire meal all at once with our patented exclusive four quadrants sensors
    • Matches the way people really eat and build their meals
    • Quarter inch tempered glass surface
    • Virtually Indestructible
    • 4 LED readouts which makes weighing and tracking your food much quicker
    • Operates on both iOS and Android devices
    • One of the world’s largest nutritional database with over 550,000 food choices
    • 4 portion control plates that teach you proper portion control sizes which is one of the key elements to maintaining healthy weight
    • Superior customer and technical phone support
    • 30-day money back guarantee and a full year product defect warranty




    The Smart Diet Scale software has:

    • One of the worlds largest nutritional food databases
    • Over 550,000 food options
    • 440,000 grocery items with UPC codes
    • 106,000 restaurant items
    • Kept Tracks of your daily, weekly, monthly meals, goals and more!
    • Stores up to six individual users

    Our Smart Diet software is invaluable when you consider that dieters who track their food intake are twice as likely to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. Over 70 million people use nutritional food apps, but without knowing the precise weight of the food being consumed, this information is less accurate. The Smart Diet Scale takes care of that problem. The groundbreaking Smart Diet Scale is simple, fast, and effective.


    Food Options


    Grocery Items


    Restaurants Items


    You can now measure the daily calorie intake of every single meal in order for you to achieve your goal of losing 2 to 4 pounds a week or maintaining your current healthy weight.


    Diabetics can now measure the amount sugar and carbs in their meals. Similarly, they can use our database to research the best low glycemic foods.


    Bodybuilders can use the Smart Diet Scale to build muscle and lose fat by measuring the amount of protein and calories in their meals.

    Flying Defibrillator ‘Ambulance Drone’

    November 21st, 2014

    So this is an Ambulance Drone. Essentially a flying defibrillator or AED.

    Developed by Dutch graduate student, Alec Momont, in Europe. The potential life saving device can be launched from an area, using GPS, track a 911 call for possible cardiac arrest.

    Once landed on the scene, a paramedic operator can instruct bystanders the same way a 911 dispatcher would assist via phone. Only with two-way video communication. Not only improving time-to-defibrillation but also alerting the paramedics enroute to the situation.


    It can reach any area within a four and a half mile radius in just one minute. The drone could even carry supplies to difficult to access patients. Like an Oxygen mask to a victim trapped in a fire.

    The network could be operational in just five years, in the Netherlands region. At a cost per unit of just $19,000.



    Five Steps to Efficiently Contain and Remove a Bloodborne Pathogens Spill

    July 9th, 2014

    All personnel must be trained in the use of the spill kit before any cleanup process is performed

    Five Steps to Efficiently Contain and Remove a Bloodborne Pathogens Spill with the Safetec Universal Precaution Compliance Kit


    PREVENT – to prevent direct contact with the spill during the cleanup process and minimize the risk for infection, disposable protective clothing must be worn. This includes gloves, combo mask/safety shield and
    protective apron.

    CONTAIN & REMOVE – to efficiently contain and remove the spill, a solidifying agent (Safetec® Red Z®) and scoop/scraper are to be used and the spill contents are to be disposed in a red biohazard bag

    DISINFECT – to properly disinfect the contaminated surface area, use the (SaniZide Plus®) germicidal wipe.
    (This process is critical for preventing any further contamination)

    DISPOSE – discard the germicidal wipe, gloves, safety shield and apron into red biohazard bag and dispose of bag as required by your local, state and federal regulations.

    SANITIZE – use the p.a.w.s® wipe to sanitize hands and use soap and water after immediate cleanup is done

    The Kleenex Refresh Stands Fights Germs While Offering Peace of Mind

    May 7th, 2014

    enter image description here

    Let’s face it, germs are everywhere and germs can make us sick. This is pretty common knowledge and that’s why there has been an increased awareness among the public of how germs are spread in public places. When we are out in public places, we are coming into constant contact with germs and bacteria. They’re on door handles and counter tops and basically every surface in the stores and restaurants we frequent on a daily basis, not too mention the offices of medical and dental facilities. The Kimberly-Clark Kleenex Livewell Wood Refresh Stand is a proven way to fight the spread of germs by providing handy access to patients, business guests or customers in offices and waiting rooms. Facial tissue, hand sanitizer and surface wipes can be dispensed in one central location.

    The refresh stand is available in an attractive wood finish and can be filled with Kleenex products which are sold separately. This is a good way to provide peace of mind to patients in medical offices or even for customers in banks or other places that experience a high volume of contact with the public. The Kleenex brand name already instills confidence in the minds of consumers and the stand can be used to feature Kleenex brand disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers and facial tissues (what most people already refer to as Kleenex). The dispenser stands at just under six feet and weighs 85 pounds. It should be no problem to move it around the office or waiting room in order to determine the best spot for easy access. Customers will certainly appreciate the effort.

    enter image description here

    Gardening Aids – Spring is Here!

    March 25th, 2014

    The sun is shining, snow is melting and plants are starting to bud. Spring is here, and with it comes the perfect time to enjoy nature-oriented outdoor activities such as gardening. Our aids will help you overcome the challenges that gardening may present so you can spend your time enjoying the gardening season.

    Alimed Communication Cards

    Alimed Communicator Packs

    These custom packs of cards are designed to be easy to use and aid in simplifying communication. They can be used to supplement the Alimed Communicator Notebooks or as a convenient go-to option. Every pack includes “I want to talk about” and “My favorite interests” as well as cards related to the pack’s specific topic. The Home, Leisure and Community packs all contain content that will be relevant and useful for gardening.

    3 Point Thumb Sling

    3 Point Products Supports

    These thumb slings and wrist supports use compression to help provide stability and reduce pain caused by injury, arthritis or other conditions. They’re available for the left and right hands, and they are adjustable and supportive but not restricting. These supports provide a great solution to avoiding pain and preventing further injury or inflammation while still allowing you to enjoy gardening. Easy to use and comfortable, you’ll almost forget they’re there.

    Complete Infection Control Thanks to Following Proper Sanitary Practices

    February 2nd, 2014

    Your mother told you to wash your hands, and when it comes to keeping yourself, your family or your wards healthy, that means she was right. You must follow the correct hand washing guidelines to ensure all infectious diseases are controlled.

    Door Knob by d o l f i on Flickr

    When you enter your home or a room at work, sanitize your hands with Gojo Purell Hand Sanitizer before you touch the knob. This ends the transmission of germs from hand to knob and then knob to the hand of the next person who enters. That is the best way to keep infections at a minimum in any building.

    Penny Countertop by Toki~ on Flickr

    When sanitizing surfaces, your best bet is to grab PDI Sani Wipes for a quick and easy way to get the job done. These are perfect for counters, faucets, light switches or cabinet handles. They fully destroy germs which cause infection, and they are simple to use and then just as simple to throw away.

    When you follow all of the rules and use the products available to you to kill germs, you’ll find that you don’t suffer from infectious diseases as frequently as you may have previously. This will also protect everyone around you from the harm you can cause just by carrying a germ on your hands. You do not want to be the next Typhoid Mary, so continue to learn what you can do to stop the spread of disease and make sure to take the advice to heart which you learn about.

    Type-2 Diabetes Can Be Prevented – Follow these Simple Steps to Lower the Risk

    January 30th, 2014

    Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which a person has high blood sugar. It is either because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced.

    There are three main types of diabetes:

    • Type 1 Diabetes:-It is caused when our body is unable to produce insulin. In this case. The person is required to inject insulin or wear an insulin pump. Earlier, it was referred to as “insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus” (IDDM) or “juvenile diabetes”.
    • Type 2 Diabetes:-It is caused when cells are unable to properly use insulin produced by the body (insulin-resistance), sometimes combined with an absolute insulin deficiency. In such a scenario, the body responds by making more and more insulin, trying to force blood sugar into cells. Eventually, the insulin-making cells get exhausted and begin to fail. Previously, it was referred to as non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) or “adult-onset diabetes”. But with the rising rates of childhood obesity, it has become more common in youth.
    • Gestational diabetes:-It occurs when pregnant women without a previous diagnosis of diabetes develop a high blood glucose level. It may precede development of Type 2 Diabetes.

    Follow three simple steps and keep diabetes away:

    • Keep an eye on your body weight:-Excess weight is the single most important cause of type 2 diabetes. Being overweight increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes seven fold.
    • Exercise frequently and stop being a couch-potato:-Sedentary lifestyle increases the chances of diabetes. Exercising improves muscles’ ability to use insulin and absorb glucose. Mild exercise everyday for few minutes is sufficient. You need not sweat out for long hours.
    • Eat healthy: Stay healthy:- Simple diet changes can have a huge impact on the risk of type 2 diabetes. Try to incorporate the following changes in your dietary.
    • Whole grains and whole grain products over highly processed carbohydrates-Various studies have confirmed thatwhole grains safeguard against diabetes, whereas diets rich in refined carbohydrates lead to increased risk
    • Skip the sugary drinks-Prefer drinking water, tea or coffee (with minimum sugar and cream)
    • Prefer good fats over bad fats-Good fats, found in liquid vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds can help ward off type 2 diabetes. Bad fats do just the opposite and are found in fried foods.

    Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer Fits Your Active Lifestyle

    January 20th, 2014

    Say goodbye to nebulizers that are large, heavy, difficult to clean, and must be plugged in to operate. The Lumiscope 6700 Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer is designed for use on the go. It’s perfect for those who travel or who prefer that their treatments not get in the way of a lifestyle involving being busy around the home or office. Having chronic asthma or lung disease no longer means having to be confined to one location to administer treatment. The Lumiscope 6700 Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer can be charged and operated using the built-in battery. The operation is extremely quiet, which means it can be used where other activities are going on without disturbing anyone else. The nebulizer uses advanced technology and features a two-way valve, which opens and allows the user’s breath to escape into the room when breathing out, then closes when breathing in to ensure that all of the medication is inhaled. This minimizes contamination of the device, as well as minimizes wasted medication, ensuring that treatment is as effective as possible.

    picture of device

    The device comes with a carrying bag, one adult mask and one pediaric mask, 20 medication cups, five replacement filters, AC/DC adapter, and one mouthpiece. Additional filters and parts can be purchased separately. It weighs only seven ounces, making it easy to transport anywhere and easy to use. Safety features include a low battery indicator and overheat protection. The flow can be adjusted by the user. A one-year warranty comes standard with the device, so the user can buy with confidence.

    picture of woman using device

    Keep Your Family Safe with the HealthSmart Lumatemp LED Shower Head

    January 14th, 2014

    Every year, approximately 20,000 people are treated in emergency rooms for scalding burns. About one-third of these are caused by tap water. Most scalding burns caused by tap water occur in infants and toddlers, seniors, and people with disabilities. Individuals with declining or poorly developed cognitive or sensory skills often do not realize that the water has become hotter than it should be and do not react in time to turn it off or move out of the water.People with deficits in motor skills might not be able to move in time. Even when showering with assistance, burns can occur because the person giving the assistance is not contacting the water stream directly and might not recognize a change in temperature. Similarly, water that is too cold can cause problems in those with illnesses or poor circulation.

    The HealthSmart Lumatemp LED Shower Head is easy to use, both for caregivers and for individuals bathing independently.

    product in action

    When the water is flowing at a comfortable bathing temperature — between 91.4°F and 105.8°F — the LED remains green, letting users and caregivers know that the water is within the safe range. When the water becomes too cold, the LED will illuminate blue, and when too hot, it will illuminate red. Additionally, the LED will flash red if water exceeds 114.8°F, the temperature at which burns can occur in seconds. This color-coding scheme is easy to teach to individuals with cognitive disabilities, simply by explaining to the individual to only shower with the water in the green zone. Requires no batteries and includes removable five-foot flexible hose and shower head bracket.

    temperature chart


    The HealthSmart Lumatemp LED Shower Head is available from 4MD Medical Our helpful and knowledgeable product specialists are available to help you find the right product for your needs – You can reach us by email or by phone at 877-463-5818


    Heimlich Helper Self Assist Choking Emergency Device

    December 12th, 2013

    Imagine living alone and eating dinner. Suddenly, you cough and the half eaten chicken slips down your throat and begins to choke you. With no one around to help you, you begin losing oxygen and are close to passing out. Because you are choking, you are unable to speak or cough and you cannot call 911. Brain damage begins occurring minutes after oxygen is lost to the brain, and death can result in as early as ten minutes.
















    This situation is more likely than it sounds. In 2010, choking was the fourth most common cause of accidental death, behind falls and vehicle accidents, killing 4,700 people.

    The Heimlich Helper Self Assist Choking Emergency Device is a revolutionary product that allows you to help yourself if you begin choking and cannot get help. It has simple instructions printed on it and has been shown to be effective at preventing choking-related deaths.

    The Heimlich Helper is also a perfect solution for offices, cafeterias, restaurants and other places where people are eating. The Heimlich Helper can provide life-saving help to people in situations where no one is trained in CPR.

    To use the Heimlich Helper, simply hold it out in front of yourself or the choking person. Place it under the rib cage and give it rapid, hard thrusts until the object that is stopping the person from breathing comes out. The Heimlich Helper is a very simple product, but it could just save your life.