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    How well do you know the blades you’re using?

    A scalpel may seem like a simple instrument, but with incredible precision and a surgeons’ steady hand it is key to a safe and accurate medical procedure. These tools are essential to any medical professional – it’s important to know their function and capabilities to ensure patient safety.


    The top three #3 fitment blades:

    • #10 – the most traditional blade shape C2 
    • Used for making small incisions in skin and muscle
    • Sample Procedures:
      • Harvesting the radial artery during a coronary artery bypass operation
      • Opening the bronchus during thoracic surgery
      • Inguinal hernia repair
    • #11 – an elongated triangular blade with a strong pointed tip  C2
    • Used in making stab incisions.
    • Sample procedures:
      • Incisions for chest drains
      • Opening coronary arteries or the aorta
      • Removing calcifications in the aortic or mitral valves.
    • #15 – a small curved cutting edge  C3
    • Opening coronary arteries. Used in making short and precise incisions.
    • Sample procedures:
      • Excision of a skin lesion or recurrent sebaceous cyst


    Cincinnati Surgical’s joint manufacturing agreement with Swann Morton means quality British steel blades manufactured to a high level of consistency.


    • BSI Certificate of Registration ISO 13485, the International Standard for Quality Management Systems for medical devices companies
    • Steel material content
      • Carbon – Silicon – Manganese – Chromium – Sulphur – Phosphorus – Nickel


    • Surgical blades are manufactured in accordance with BS 2982 and BS EN 27740 standards
      • Every blade falls within specific dimensions to ensure the first blade manufactured is the same size as the last blade manufactured
    • Boxes are marked with lot numbers and expiration dates for traceability


    • BSI Certificate of Registration ISO 14001 – Environmental Manufacturing Standards Certification

    BSI Certificate of Registration ISO 50001 – Energy Management Certification


    Cincinnati Surgical features a wide variety of high-quality surgical blades, handles, stitch cutters, blade removers and staplers. With an unmatched reputation for quality, Cincinnati Surgical is a proven leader in their industry.

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