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    The OraQuick: In-Home HIV Test

    With OraQuick you can save time and receive the results of your HIV test in the comfort of your own home. In addition to its ease and convenience, OraQuick is the only at-home oral HIV testing product that has been approved by the FDA. You can also remain confident in your test results with the knowledge that healthcare professionals have trusted OraQuick since 2004.


    How it Works

    Instead of using blood, the OraQuick in-home HIV testing kit uses fluids from your gums to detect HIV antibodies rather than the actual virus. To use the test, you run the oral swab once across your upper gums and again across your lower gums. Once that’s done, you place the test swap in the test tube and wait 20 minutes to receive your test results. As you’re waiting, your oral fluid blends with the liquid in the test tube. As long as the C-line is dark, it means that the test is working. No matter your results, OraQuick has a trained customer service department available 24/7.

    What’s Included With the Kit

    The OraQuick kit includes:

    • Step-by-step instructions
    • A case with all necessary test kit contents
    • An insert with supplementary test information
    • A test tube with solution and an oral swab test stick
    • Pre- and post-test information

    The OraQuick at-home HIV testing kit is available from 4MD Medical. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable product specialists if you would like more information about any of our available products.

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