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    The Rx Office Mat

    The Rx Office Mat, a premium matting product designed specifically for medical office use in order to help doctors and their assistants combat chronic foot, leg and back pain from standing while they treat patients and perform office-based procedures.

    Engineered from superior, non-slip ergonomic shock absorbing memory foam and tested and endorsed by world class physicians and their assistants, The Rx Office Mat™ is specifically designed to minimize the exhaustive pain and discomfort from standing for extended periods of time.

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    The earliest and most common symptoms from prolonged standing during surgical procedures are discomfort and fatigue in the feet and legs—that is, in the shins, calves, knees and thighs. Pain and discomfort may also be felt in the hips, neck and lower back”… “General recommendations: Anti-fatigue mats should be placed on the floors and standing stools.” —AORN Journal: Ergonomic Tool 4, June 2011


    •  The  The Rx Office Mat™  is manufactured using high-end memory foam and then topped with a faux-leather covering offered in 3 unique colors to complement any office decor.
    • The  Rx Office Matis proudly made in America 
    • Amazing comfort, added safety, minimized foot, leg & back pain, 3 great color options

    The Rx Office Mat™ is ideal for use in… Medical Offices, Dental Offices, Laboratories, Sterilization Areas, Work Stations

    Available in Brown, Black, Tan.

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