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    Flying Defibrillator ‘Ambulance Drone’

    So this is an Ambulance Drone. Essentially a flying defibrillator or AED.

    Developed by Dutch graduate student, Alec Momont, in Europe. The potential life saving device can be launched from an area, using GPS, track a 911 call for possible cardiac arrest.

    Once landed on the scene, a paramedic operator can instruct bystanders the same way a 911 dispatcher would assist via phone. Only with two-way video communication. Not only improving time-to-defibrillation but also alerting the paramedics enroute to the situation.


    It can reach any area within a four and a half mile radius in just one minute. The drone could even carry supplies to difficult to access patients. Like an Oxygen mask to a victim trapped in a fire.

    The network could be operational in just five years, in the Netherlands region. At a cost per unit of just $19,000.



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