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    What is Viniferamine? Restoring Skin to a Healthy Youthful State.

    What is Viniferamine®? The answer can be found below in today’s video! We invite you to take a moment to view the latest video from Dr. McCord, inventor of the Viniferamine® Skin Wellness System, as she discusses how Viniferamine® works to restore skin to a healthy, youthful state.

    What does “vinifera” mean? 

    The word “vinifera” describes a specific variety of grapevine that is native to Europe and the Mediterranean. Viniferamine® (Vine-uh-fair-uh-mean) is a fusion of the highest quality organic European grapevine extract, organic olive leaf extract and organic green tea extract. The Viniferamine® blend has been incorporated into our system of skin and wound care products that are grounded in scientific evidence and healing, yet crafted with the elegance of the finest European treatment products.

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