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    The Kleenex Refresh Stands Fights Germs While Offering Peace of Mind

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    Let’s face it, germs are everywhere and germs can make us sick. This is pretty common knowledge and that’s why there has been an increased awareness among the public of how germs are spread in public places. When we are out in public places, we are coming into constant contact with germs and bacteria. They’re on door handles and counter tops and basically every surface in the stores and restaurants we frequent on a daily basis, not too mention the offices of medical and dental facilities. The Kimberly-Clark Kleenex Livewell Wood Refresh Stand is a proven way to fight the spread of germs by providing handy access to patients, business guests or customers in offices and waiting rooms. Facial tissue, hand sanitizer and surface wipes can be dispensed in one central location.

    The refresh stand is available in an attractive wood finish and can be filled with Kleenex products which are sold separately. This is a good way to provide peace of mind to patients in medical offices or even for customers in banks or other places that experience a high volume of contact with the public. The Kleenex brand name already instills confidence in the minds of consumers and the stand can be used to feature Kleenex brand disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers and facial tissues (what most people already refer to as Kleenex). The dispenser stands at just under six feet and weighs 85 pounds. It should be no problem to move it around the office or waiting room in order to determine the best spot for easy access. Customers will certainly appreciate the effort.

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