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    Histofreezer Portable Cryosurgical System

    The use of very cold temperatures to remove warts has long been a common practice in modern medicine. The Histofreezer Portable Cryosurgical System brings us a simpler, more portable, and longer shelf-life product that provides effective cryosurgical treatment for warts, skin tags, and other common dermatological conditions.

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    Histofreezer has a number of advantages over liquid nitrogen, one of the common treatment applications for warts. First, the Histofreezer can effectively treat warts and other conditions in less than 40 seconds, comparable to liquid nitrogen. Secondly, Histofreeze can store for up to 3 years, much longer than the few weeks possible with liquid nitrogen. Thirdly, the low cost of Histofreezer as compared to other similar products makes Histofreezer the best choice for increasing ROI. In addition, the formula and propellent in Histofreezer is CFC free and won’t harm the ozone layer. Plus, the fact that it’s not listed as a hazardous chemical obliterates the need to obtain a HAZMAT license to use.

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    With 19 years of development and usage in the field by medical professionals, the Histofreezer makes a superb choice for dermatologists and medical professionals.

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