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    Gardening Aids – Spring is Here!

    The sun is shining, snow is melting and plants are starting to bud. Spring is here, and with it comes the perfect time to enjoy nature-oriented outdoor activities such as gardening. Our aids will help you overcome the challenges that gardening may present so you can spend your time enjoying the gardening season.

    Alimed Communication Cards

    Alimed Communicator Packs

    These custom packs of cards are designed to be easy to use and aid in simplifying communication. They can be used to supplement the Alimed Communicator Notebooks or as a convenient go-to option. Every pack includes “I want to talk about” and “My favorite interests” as well as cards related to the pack’s specific topic. The Home, Leisure and Community packs all contain content that will be relevant and useful for gardening.

    3 Point Thumb Sling

    3 Point Products Supports

    These thumb slings and wrist supports use compression to help provide stability and reduce pain caused by injury, arthritis or other conditions. They’re available for the left and right hands, and they are adjustable and supportive but not restricting. These supports provide a great solution to avoiding pain and preventing further injury or inflammation while still allowing you to enjoy gardening. Easy to use and comfortable, you’ll almost forget they’re there.

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