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    Emergency Evacuation Chairs

    Evacuation chairs are commonly used in various medical settings. While their names can easily be associated with emergency evacuations, these chairs are actually used for a wide variety of reasons throughout the medical profession. Not only do evacuation chairs significantly help in emergent situations, but they offer assistance when dealing with patients in every day settings as well.

    Medical evacuation chairs offer assistance and safety measures not only to patients who require substantial amounts of help to become mobile, but the measures are also there to protect medical professionals. Chairs like the IBEX Tran-Seat 700H Evacuation ChairEvacuation Chairallow nurses, doctors and assistants to have better control of various movements made by the patient when placed in the chair. It is also equip to withstand a substantial amount of weight, which in turn allows for these medical professionals to safely maneuver patients in various situations.

    Another great evacuation chair option is that of the Evac Chair 300 MK-4enter image description here is also a substantial help in descending from place to place. With the ability to allow for descending from multiple stories with ease and safety in mind, this chair not only serves a great purpose but, provides peace of mind to those sitting in it.

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