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    Viniferamine Signature Line of Skin Care Products

    Dr. Darlene McCord and *Totally Natural* line skin care productsDr. Darlene McCord came out of retirement recently to introduce Viniferamine’s Signature Line of skin repair products for treatment of skin conditions ranging from open wounds to itchy dry skin.

    McCord, who has spent the last 30 years researching and developing skin care products, was excited to release these nine products specifically designed for skin repair.

    Viniferamine’s USDA certified organic and eco-cert plant-based ingredients are grown on small organic fields across four continent, and are chosen based upon purity, efficacy and scientific worthiness.

    The cutting edge technology in Viniferamine products utilizes plant stem cells to improve the skin’s natural cell turnover by enhancing its collagen and hyacuronic acids.

    Viniferamine’s Signature Line includes; skin renewal cream, skin shield cream, micronized zinc oxide paste, two types of wound hydrogel, antifungal cream, skin cleansing lotion, antiseptic cleanser, and hydrocortisone cream.

    Developed in Iowa, by McCord Research, Viniferamine is the newest addition to the Pinnaclife line of natural products for humans and animals.

    Both the Viniferamineline, and the Totally Natural general skin care line are available on-line at Viniferamine.com, which also offers a list of distributors and free educational videos.


    Viniferamine Signature Line skin repair products

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