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    ViewBladder 10 Tablet Bladder Scanner

    The ViewBladder 10 Tablet Bladder Scanner represents a leap in ultrasound imaging technology applications. Designed to give clear indications of post-void residual urine quantity, the ViewBladder 10 is thoughtfully packaged in a sleek tablet form. The lightweight and compact design make ViewBladder 10 the perfect portable bladder scanner, for easy use and movement between clients.

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    The ViewBladder 10 comes with everything you need to get started- the tablet, ultrasonic scanning probe, and software to use the device. Specifically designed for scanning of bladder, the ViewBladder 10 gives you a clear image of the bladder and lets you see how much, if any, urine is present. Being able to do this can save cleanup from a frustrating mess, help avoid unnecessary use of catheters, and help save money on absorbent materials such as overnight diapers.
    By showing the internal conditions of the bladder, it can also help you catch and prevent urinary tract infections before they start.

    The ViewBladder 10 boast an easy to read 10 inch display which makes viewing and judging the results of the scan a piece of cake. Powered by battery, you can take it with you throughout the day without being weighed down by bulky equipment. Embedded in the tablet are training videos that show you how to use the device.

    In addition, the ViewBladder10 comes with a 1 year warranty, ensuring defect and problem free operation within a 1 year period.

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