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    Logicmark Freedom Alert Helps The Elderly and Disabled Live Alone

    living alone can be tough for the elderly or the disabled. Even if they are independent in the fact that they can take care of themselves, there is always the risk that they could fall and injure themselves and not be able to get help. In these situations a cell phone is not enough. In some falls, the user may not even be able to get to the phone because they will not be able to get back up. If the phone is on a counter, it can be just out of reach.

    For this reason, systems exist that let the user where a pendant or a watch with a button on it. When the user presses the button, 911 or the number of a family member or relative in dialed. however, these systems require a monthly fee, usually between $25 and $30. They also often have installation charges and other hidden costs.

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    However, the Logicmark Freedom Alert System is different. Instead of charging the user monthly fee, the original cost of the unit is the only thing that is paid. The system uses the user’s already existing telephone line, and can even work via VoIP. Unlike other systems, which rely on an emergency response center, this system dials 911 or the other four programmable contacts directly.

    If you are an elderly or disabled person that lives alone, the system can provide immense peace of mind. Besides that, it is also much better than as seen on TV alternatives which charge a monthly fee.

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