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    iPet Blood Glucose Meter for Dogs and Cats

    Pets with diabetes need to have their blood sugar regularly checked to prevent complications, but human glucose meters are not properly calibrated for use with pets. To accurately test the blood sugar of a dog or a cat, a specizlied glucose monitoring kit is required.

    Ultimed produces this affordable kit, called the iPet RX. The kit itself includes ten test trips and ten lancets for free so you can begin testing your pet’s blood sugar immediately. The glucose meter itself is digital and simple to read to assure that you get an accurate blood sugar reading.


    Serious complications can result from diabetes in pets, so it is important to test them regularly. With the iPet RX and regular testing, you can add years to the life of your dog or cat with diabetes.

    The iPet RX Diabetes Care Blood Glucose Monitoring  is available from 4MD Medical Our helpful and knowledgeable product specialists are available to help you find the right product for your needs – You can reach us by email or by phone at 877-463-5818


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