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    Heimlich Helper Self Assist Choking Emergency Device

    Imagine living alone and eating dinner. Suddenly, you cough and the half eaten chicken slips down your throat and begins to choke you. With no one around to help you, you begin losing oxygen and are close to passing out. Because you are choking, you are unable to speak or cough and you cannot call 911. Brain damage begins occurring minutes after oxygen is lost to the brain, and death can result in as early as ten minutes.
















    This situation is more likely than it sounds. In 2010, choking was the fourth most common cause of accidental death, behind falls and vehicle accidents, killing 4,700 people.

    The Heimlich Helper Self Assist Choking Emergency Device is a revolutionary product that allows you to help yourself if you begin choking and cannot get help. It has simple instructions printed on it and has been shown to be effective at preventing choking-related deaths.

    The Heimlich Helper is also a perfect solution for offices, cafeterias, restaurants and other places where people are eating. The Heimlich Helper can provide life-saving help to people in situations where no one is trained in CPR.

    To use the Heimlich Helper, simply hold it out in front of yourself or the choking person. Place it under the rib cage and give it rapid, hard thrusts until the object that is stopping the person from breathing comes out. The Heimlich Helper is a very simple product, but it could just save your life.


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