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    ADC 4053 ADSAFE CPR Pocket Resuscitator Mask

    There are few products out there that can literally save lives, but the ADC 4053 by Adsafe CPR Pocket Resuscitator mask is one of them. In trained hands, this pocket resuscitator can be the difference between life and death for children or adults who have stopped breathing due to an obstruction in their throat or other breathing problem.

    ADC 4053

    The ADC 4053 is a mask that is meant to be placed over the face of an individual who is not breathing in order to make the administration of CPR more effective. Unlike mouth to mouth resuscitation, this mouth to mask resuscitation is more effective and has better outcomes for patients.

    The ADC 4053 is our pocket resuscitator of choice for first responders for numerous reasons. First, it can be used on both adults and children. It features a valve and filter that can be thrown away to avoid making future patients sick. It has a one way valve and is completely air-tight, which makes it much more effective than standard mouth to mouth resuscitation. It is also completely portable and fits easily in a pocket. The included mask also doubles as an oxygen mask, featuring an oxygen port that can be used with standard oxygen tanks.

    This mask deserves five stars from us and is our top pick for first responders. Made by one of the most respected suppliers of medical products on the United States, American Diagnostic Corporation, the ADC 4053 is an affordable mask that is perfect for all types of emergency resuscitation.

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