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    Big John Toilet Seat

    The Big John toilet seat is one of my favorite products for the bathroom. It is one of the most cost effective products on the market today to instantly make any toilet ADA compliant.

    ADA compliance

    It has a seventy-five percent larger sitting area than traditional toilet seats. This provides a much more comfortable experience for wheelchair users and those who have trouble fitting on regular toilet seats. Further, it has rubber bumpers on the bottom that raise the toilet seat two inches, which makes it at wheelchair height and requires walking users to not have to bend down as far. This makes the toilet ADA compliant.

    The Big John toilet seat is incredibly resilient and can support a maximum of 1,200 pounds of force on its sturdy, stain resistant ABS plastic frame. This is complimented by stainless steel hinges that are unbreakable even when put to the test by the heaviest users. It comes in two models, one with an open front and the other with a closed front and installs in seconds with no special tools required other than what is included with the toilet seat.

    Big John toilet seat

    Unlike other solutions to make a toilet ADA compliant, the Big John toilet seat does not require you to replace the entire toilet and works with any toilet, be it elongated, round, mounted on the floor or mounted on the wall. This is great for both home and business users, as it is a quick, affordable way to make your toilet handicapped accessible with minimal fuss and minimal expense.

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