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    The Many Functions of a CPAP Machine

    cpapAnyone who has sleep apnea can attest to the misery it brings them every night. Tossing and turning, being woken up time and time again, and rising in the morning feeling more tired than when they went to bed are some of the complaints you’ll hear. Thankfully, it is simple to treat this disorder through the use of a CPAP machine. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, meaning air is gently pumped through the mouth and/or nose to keep the airway open, stopping the frequent collapses which literally starve the body of air. This ensures a great night’s sleep.

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    Talk to your family doctor if you think you have sleep apnea and have them refer you to a local sleep clinic. They will book you in for an initial visit and check out your anatomy to see if there are any other issues at play, such as cysts or tumors. Once they’ve examined you, they will book you in for a sleep test. During this, you will stay overnight and they will monitor you as you sleep. Once complete, the doctor will diagnose your problem. If they recommend a CPAP machine, they’ll have you come in for a second sleep test while using the machine so they can determine which pressure setting you require for the best night’s sleep.

    The first step to using this treatment is to purchase a CPAP machine. There are many small options on the market today which come with a variety of features including heated air and hidden water containers. They’re so portable that you can take them with you on vacation! This ensures you always get a great night’s sleep. The next step is to pick up the best CPAP mask. Once you’re ready to use the machine, you literally just plug it in, fill the water container with distilled water, if it has such a feature, put on the mask and go to sleep. It’s literally that easy to get a great sleep night after night.


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