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    Manufacturer Profile – Cincinnati Surgical

    The sharpest and most durable surgical blades available

    imagesFor more than 70 years Cincinnati Surgical has been an industry leader in providing cutting edge surgical products including specialty blades, handles, scalpels, suture needles and rapidly expanding line of safety products.

    As a nationally recognized provider of premier surgical
    blades and scalpels, exceptional commitment to quality
    products is what continues to set Cincinnati Surgical apart
    from the competition. Blades and Scalpels are manufactured
    in Sheffield, England within facilities that meet or exceed BS
    EN ISO 13485:2003 standards. Quality control measures
    include 200% visual inspection of finished product and 100%
    control of the manufacturing process including equipment
    design and production. With products forged from the very
    best Surgical Grade Steel, Cincinnati Surgical’s BSEN 7153
    Stainless and BS2982 carbon products have stood the test of
    today’s healthcare professionals.

    Their full line of surgical blades carries the advantages of
    open-edge blade technology. Although all blades may
    appear to be the same, there are distinct differences between
    open and closed edge blades. As an intentional stage of
    the manufacturing process “open edge” technology gives a
    serrated edge to each blade. This technology offers consistency
    in cut time after time, better tactile feel, and control for the
    end user with increased sharpness and durability.

    Cincinnati Surgical blades are available at 4MDMedical.com, as well as all your other surgical supply needs.

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