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    Veterinary Ultrasound Buyer’s Guide

    The top 5 Veterinary ultrasound machines: Vet ultrasound systems often specialize in reproductive, or general imaging, but often are best if they are truly shared service, encompassing every potential application such as MSK, Cardiac, and Reproductive. Veterinary ultrasound also requires specialized software to customize measurements and calculations to various types of animals, as well as different sized animals. Flexibility is essential to making a top Vet ultrasound. Portability can be a desireable feature if the vet does traveling visits as is commonly the case in equine, bovine, and ovine work.


    #1 GE Logiq e
    The Logiq e is a flexible portable shared service machine with 7 probe options.














    #2 GE Vivid i

    The best cardio-vascular portable with 11 probe choices including 2 TEE probes.














    #3 Sonosite Titan

    The lowest cost, smallest, lightest shared service portable with 9 probe choices.



















    #4 Medison SonoVet R3
    The R3 is an inexpensive portable with decent imaging with 10 probe options.



















    #5 Medison SonoVet R5
    The R5 offers low cost imaging in a small console package with 8 probe options.



















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